It’s finally here!

After years of requests, we have finally listened and are

excited to present the Bridging Breath app!

After many years of requests, we have developed an app that supports one of our most powerful practices, the Bridging Breath. Users can now easily practice the Bridging Breath by simply clicking a button and following the cues. Additionally, in the first iteration of this app, we have included two Guided Bridging Breath practice options.
The Masters Institute is an organization dedicated to vibrant health, wellness, and the realization of one’s fully actualized potential. Our primary focus is to provide cutting-edge, authentic, and ethical complimentary alternative health care and education to individuals and organizations, including veterans and first responders. Our innovative courses and programs are available to all levels of experience from laypersons to professionals alike.
A key aspect of our training is the Masters Model of Embodied Experience or Issues in The Tissues (experiences/trauma recorded into the mind and body) and how to identify, unwind, and integrate these experiences to foster ease, joy, and resilience. The Bridging Breath practice is a crucial tool in achieving this state.
• Two Guided Bridging Breath Practices and
• Customizable Bridging Breath Practice Timer

Purchase and download the Bridging Breath practice at the Apple App Store!