Have You Ever Felt...

Adrift or lost, without direction?



Frustrated and unsatisfied?

That you were lacking the energy to do or be more?

Would You Like to feel...

Energized and excited?

Fueled by inspiration?

Invigorated by creativity?

Infused with success?

In control of your own destiny?

You're Not Alone

Humanity is experiencing a global Vitality Deficiency.

With the expansion of technology and the push for success in both our personal and professional lives, our energy is being pulled and drained at all times.

This constant taxing of our awareness and perception that depletes our vitality and sets up the conditions for stress, trauma and dis-ease.

What Keeps Us Stuck

= What Keeps Us Stuck In Our Patterns =

How I Can Help

= “Let me support you as you heal your judgement, let go of resentments, reconnect with love and live a better life!” – GB Site

= How This Course Can Help =

An Introduction to Embracing Radiance

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What Its All About

Entering Into Stillness

Module 1:

Building The Container

Module 2:

Fuel Your Inspiration

Module 3:

Light Your Fire

Module 4:

Be The Witness

Module 5:

The Trampoline of Transformation

Module 6:

Letting Go

Module 7:

Keep Up, Keep Going!

Module 8:

Be Radiant

Module 9:

What's Included

Each interactive module consists of:

+ Flexible Digital Learning Opportunities via high quality video presentations, audio downloads and transcripts.

+ Digital Empowerment – Each lesson includes high quality videos where Jeff walks you through the week’s lesson, the highlighted practices and what you can expect from the recommended practices.

+ Deep Embodiment Opportunities – Each week’s lesson features interactive lesson worksheets – each lesson will include interactive downloadable worksheets which serve to stimulate your awareness and assist you in diving deeper into your own experience.

Weekly journal prompts – each week you will be asked to journal your experiences to explore the subconscious information that is filtering up from the practices.
Audio downloads – certain lessons will include audio downloads for guided relaxation, visualization and motivation.

+ Self Paced Learning: its no rush – you finish at your pace

+ Unlimited Lifetime acceess to this course: As a participant in this online course, you have access 24/7 forever. You can re-watch, re-download and work through this program over and over again.

+ A Virtual Sangha or community of support: You have access to this private Facebook group for life. Here you and others come together, share experiences and ask questions about the course. From time to time I will answer questions and upload materials to this group as well.

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