The word mantra comes from the Sanskrit root words “manas”
for mind and “trai” meaning to protect or to free.

The Sanskrit language and the practice of mantra sadhana are powerful tools for personal transformation and self awareness. By their very nature mantras connect to and impact the fabric of reality around us.

One of the primary obstacles to Self-Realization is our own mind. A mantra is the vehicle which frees our mind from the entrapment of the mental realm and delivers us into the deeper experience of the vibrations of manifest reality.

The practice of mantra begins by familiarizing yourself with the Sanskrit alphabet its pronunciation. By reciting the alphabet, a practitioner begins to become aware of the basic sanskrit sounds and condition the muscles of the jaw, neck and mouth to accurately approximate gutteral, palatal, cerebral and dental pronunciations.

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Mantra Study Resources

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The Shiva Mantra
The Moon Mantra
The Gayatri
The Mahamrtyunjaya
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