“Don’t miss Pranotherapy with Jeff Masters! I have never learned so much about energy work! He’s the real deal and an amazing reflection of the divine! Best weekend retreat yet!”

– Terese S

“Jeff’s passion for teaching others is evident on so many levels. He truly makes his audience feel comfortable asking questions. Jeff is able to teach simple to complex topics in a language that all can understand and relate to. Highly recommended!”

– Stephanie G

“Jeff has a wonderful ease integrating his incredible amount of knowledge with the wisdom of integrity into the physical movement of yoga, giving the opportunity of the kundalini to play and move in the body.

He combines humor and wisdom in his presentation of technical information to the practice of form providing an opportunity for experiential learning through physical application.

Jeff has a gift of teaching overly technical information in a light hearted manner that was easy to follow.”

– Sandra

“Having Jeff for four days at our Yoga Teacher Training was an experience I will never forget. His presence lit up the room and his knowledge is something I cannot put into words but must be experienced first hand. So grateful for the time he spent with us.”

– JL

“The merging of spirit and the science of the body that Jeff brought was very impacting for me. I am so thankful to have experienced the knowledge and true pure open heart that Jeff brought to our circle. In those four days so many beautiful seeds were planted into my future. Thank you Jeff for showing up and bringing your light to share with us.”

– Heather

“Passionate, informative, precise and knowledgeable, all combined into an experience that will blow your mind and consciousness wide open. Jeff is the embodiment of clear and concise information. Joined with the love of how our consciousness works and the power of prana in our being. A true gentleman that will change the trajectory of inward personal growth when he teaches how consciousness meets form. Humble and grateful.”

– Rebeka H.

“‘Issues In The Tissues’ is not a subject easily presented in a way it can be recieved, neither is generational trauma. Thank you for doing this courageous and much needed work!”

– Laura A.

“I only can hope that you are lucky enough to end up in the hands of Jeff Masters.

My first therapeutic session with him was equal to ten sessions with anyone else.

Because of this, I decided to invest in a workout plan with him as well.  His exercises targeted and strengthen weakness I didn’t even know I had!

Believe me, working with him has and continues to be… life changing.

Go for it.  He IS the man!”

– Gail E.

Thank you so much for today’s session. I experienced it to be deep and meaningful and quite ‘enlightening’. RICH with insight.

Your gifts are quite amazing and I look forward to your work blessing my life immensely.

Many Many Thanks!

– ML

“I anticipated the Navigating the Sacred™ seminar would be interesting, but I didn’t realize just how connected to the universe I would feel. I am a spiritual person with an engineering background, so I was tremendously excited at how Jeff related the spiritual to the technical. The two hours flew by and I was sorry when it was over. My meditation at the end of the seminar was the most intense I have ever experienced. I attribute this to the energy that was in the room that evening, which I believe was strong because of Jeff’s amazing abilities. I came away with a strong desire to meditate, set my intentions and better connect with my sacred aspect. I will definitely use the techniques that Jeff taught us and hope that I have the opportunity to attend the more extensive two-day seminar that Jeff offers.”

– Vicky M