“For the first time in a long time I have felt at peace with myself. I actually feel I can give more of myself to others and hopefully make a difference in their lives as you did to me.”

– Tracie M

“My wife and I spent the morning at Thunder Mountain Wellness Center, which included Personal Training, Yoga Therapy, and Spiritual Cartography with Jeff and massages with Arin. It was the most fulfilling day we have ever had in Sedona. We have been coming up from Phoenix for years but this time found Thunder Mountain; Jeff and Arin set us up with an experience that we will not only ever forget, but also will draw upon as a spiritual guide for years to come. Before you try other energy-work gurus in Sedona, make an appointment with Jeff first, he is the real deal.”

– The Brooks

“Just a quick moment of appreciation for all your immense talent, your quick mind, and most of all your loving heart. You are blessed with so very much and I am lucky to think of you as more than teacher but also as a friend.”

– Ruth T

“Jeff has a rare gift.”

– Meredith Ian

“The depth of Jeff’s compassion is endless. He is a gifted intuitive healer and teacher. Jeff’s teaching style kept me engaged and gave me an insight into anatomy that I have never experienced before. He is knowledgeable, well-spoken, and well read to allow for great discussions and holistic perspectives. My cranial-sacral (?) sessions with Jeff were life changing. Jeff connected me to my body, identifying deep sub-conscious patterns and buried traumas that allowed me to release and heal. His gentle, calm, caring nature is a blessing to be around. Thank you for your pure authenticity and gift of healing.”

– Meghan M

“Jeff’s class was top rate – a five star event!”

– Marcia F

“Thank you for making me feel like a new person – emotionally, physically & mentally.”

– Kathy G

“Jeff has given us the tools useful in everyday life that offer a pathway to the fulfillment of your dreams, and the awakening of you sacred spirit. His guide to ‘Setting your Intentions’ is a truly wonderful resource for anybody to use in bringing about positive change in your life.”

– Judith L

“Jeff, I’ve had a nagging, chronic, annoying, irritating, pesky, frustrating, irksome, maddening, niggling, infuriating and exasperating pain in my lower back. One deep tissue session with you has done more than several physical therapy treatments. For the first time in two years, I’m pain free!”

– Joann D

“Informative, enlightening and transformational, Jeff gifts you with the keys for unlocking your true potential, a MUST experience!”

– Ellen L