Jeff Masters LMT, C-IAYT, MPCT, Msc. (Hon.), is the founder and director of the Masters Institute, an organization dedicated to vibrant health, wellness and the realization of our fully actualized potential.

Happy New Year, Resolutions & Sankalpas!

A resolution tends to focus on aspects of ourselves that we would like to change. This automatically sets up resistance. Each time we are faced with the elements that support the patterns we want to alter, ie food (weight loss), cigarettes (smoking cessation), the internet (uh oh), the habit is re-enforced by our attention to the negative pattern.

The Practice of Sacred Eating

“Looking at this beautiful meal in front of me, I became aware of everything that had to come together to make this one moment possible. I was immediately overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude for the bounty of the Earth and the loving hands that brought it together. This gratitude had the effect of opening my heart to the nutrients of the food as well as the grace / spirit of the Earth and Her plants and animals.”